Mixed Ability Yoga - Adults

A mixed ability class for those who want to further their practice

I come to InJoy as I really feel the yoga is helping me to feel calmer and is good for my mental and physical health.

The other people in the class are great, we have a laugh and I have made new friends.

InJoy! Yoga offers mixed ability classes for those who have previously learnt some yoga. These classes are particularly useful for those who would like to learn the foundational building blocks of a safe Asana (yoga posture) practise. For complete beginners we run an 8 week beginner course

What's involved?

These classes are particularly beneficial to those who want to develop their own home practice and to existing InJoy! clients who have perhaps come to pregnancy or baby and postnatal yoga, or the beginner's course, and want to join one of our general classes.

We focus on building an awareness of a balanced yoga practice, incorporating asana (physical yoga poses), breathing, meditation and sound practices. All foundational yoga asanas are taught so that the full range of movements needed for a healthy spine are covered. These include forward bends, back bends, side stretches, twists, inversions and balances.

Our aim is to ensure you are familiar with moving safely in and out of asanas, have grasped the notion of foundational alignment for all asanas, have a clear idea of what your body needs to balance itself, and have learned the most important and beneficial yoga practise of synchronising breath and movement. This is how we synchronise all the internal systems of the body and makes yoga so health promoting.

You will also become familiar with the names of yoga postures both in English and Sanskrit and have a new set of yoga buddies!

InJoy! teachers come from a variety of yoga training backgrounds but we each share a passion for teaching good alignment, building a yoga practice from the foundation up to more advanced yoga, and teaching from the heart. Those of you who come along to our classes can expect to be welcomed warmly and have your individual needs paid attention to. You can also expect to leave feeling more peaceful, energised, trusting and joyful as this is our remit as InJoy! teachers. Feeling good within your physical body is the medium through which we achieve this.

Rosanna personally mentors all InJoy! teachers and her Anusara Influenced Yoga Training means that she focuses on passing on the building blocks for teaching stronger physical yoga safely. All InJoy! teachers are focused on unleashing the healing power of yoga that comes from freeing the emotions through clearing physical blockages present in the body. 

Please do register your interest now by emailing info@injoy-yoga.com

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