Children's Yoga Classes: 4 to 12 years old

Yoga for good posture, concentration and self expression

My children are really excited when they know they're going to yoga class after school.

They really enjoy it; it teaches them to be still and calm and quiet.

Yoga is great for soothing and stretching young bodies and minds. Come and explore yoga postures, breathing techniques and deep relaxation in a non-competitive and fun environment.

Children's Yoga starts Wednesday 1 November @ St Swithun's Church. Limited space available. Bookings now being taken.


Children of all ages are catered for with sensitivity and good humour, and given a safe and friendly space to explore their understanding of their bodies, emotions and thoughts about life.

The classes are taught by the lovely Lily Read, who has taught kids yoga for many years. There are numerous health benefits of Children's Yoga:

Physical Benefits

  • Learn good posture and get more flexible
  • Breath deeper, feel happier and get healthier
  • Prevents sports injury and improves co-ordination and balance
  • Learn how to relax well and sleep well

Emotional Benefits

  • Build confidence, improve concentration, and feel good in yourself
  • Learn to manage your emotions and hormones, and to express yourself better
  • Feel safe inside and explore what your feelings about life are

Watch the end of the video to see a mum talking about her kids' experience of InJoy yoga.

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