Birthlight Baby & Postnatal Yoga Classes

Yoga for babies and Mums from 14 weeks to crawling

I like to think of this amazing class as a journey of friendship and understanding between myself and my baby.

I cannot praise enough the fun, love, understanding, friendship and joy I've discovered in this class.

Plus there's chocolate biscuits.

Yoga is the perfect class activity for you and your baby! Interaction between mother and baby is vital for the development of emotional intelligence, and studies have shown the benefits of mother and baby classes that engage parent and child alike.

What's involved?

InJoy Yoga offers Birthlight baby yoga classes with plenty of emphasis on postnatal yoga for mums too, so they strengthen, tone and align after birth as babies get heavier and more demanding!

If you are looking for classes for babies that are fun for you both, come along to a mother and baby yoga group that will nurture and strengthen your bond with your baby with light-hearted and effective yoga practices you both benefit from.

  • Easy baby yoga exercises designed to help babies with colic, constipation, digestion, relaxation, trust and sleep are set to well known rhymes and can be practised daily at home.
  • InJoy Yoga promotes the enjoyment of all stages of babyhood and our classes for babies provide plenty of rest and relaxation with your baby, and lifesaving yoga for you, specific to your postnatal fitness needs and your baby's stage of infant development
  • Explore a gentle progression of yoga poses for toning your body, regaining your shape, renewing your strength, nurturing your heart and encouraging wellbeing whilst your journey as a parent continues. 
  • Have fun promoting your baby's emotional and physical development with baby yoga poses and moves that delight! 
  • Interact with your baby as you both develop your strength and confidence, through breath, sound and movement. Much more than a stretching class or baby workout!
  • Ease tight shoulders and sore backs with simple but strong stretches for you, and learn postnatal yoga postures for regaining your shape and tone post birth from the inside out 
  • Friendly lively (and relaxing!) activities for mum and baby, simple stretches and yoga moves learned easily.
  • Postnatal Yoga converts fat to muscle which helps weight loss along with good nutrition and rest. Learn nutrition tips for you and your baby that will promote energy and good digestion and minimise food intolerances and allergies.

This class is suitable for babies who are around 16 weeks of age, up until they are crawling.

We've more information about the benefits of baby yoga on early development in our blog.

Do you know about our Postnatal Re Alignment workshop? This is specifically designed for women who have given birth and is highly recommended before going back to pre pregnancy fitness regimes and yoga. Re aligning the pelvis, spine and shoulders after birth, helps to relieve issues with joints, pelvic floor, poor posture, split abdominal muscles and to strengthen the core muscles tha will support more comfortable future pregnancies and a happy menopause. 

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I just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you for all your advice and support and excellent yoga class. It's the best yoga class I've ever done, and I will really miss it. I've seen the benefits it can have on babies too and will be sure to commence a new class in our new town.

I just wish I'd known about you sooner! I have found the yoga has settled my baby who was suffering from colic and I feel it has nurtured a trust in one another through the exercises we do. As the weeks progressed my fractious, agitated baby relaxed and began to enjoy the classes and we began to bond and have become much closer as a result.
Anna Ferguson
The class encompasses so many things - relaxation, post-birth toning, baby massage, sharing stories and experiences, especially relating to childbirth and feelings surrounding this and post-birth. The space felt safe to share experiences with one another and everyone shared advice.

Rozy always contributed to these discussions with her expert knowledge of Birthlight yoga and human anatomy and psychology which helped us to understand what we were going through, and provided comfort when times were tough. The class also gave us an opportunity to meet other Mums with babies of a similar age and friends were made. Tea and chat at the end of class gave us all a nice opportunity to relax and have a giggle. I recommend these classes highly and have seen the positive changes in not only my baby but the others in the class too.
Croydon mum
I like to think of this amazing class as a journey of friendship and understanding between myself and my baby. Rozy has taught me how to relax into motherhood (not easy for a self-confessed control freak), and has got me back on track after the roller coaster of birth and being a new mum. Cannot praise enough the fun, love, understanding, friendship and joy I've discovered in this class. Plus there's chocolate biscuits.
After attending baby yoga with my daughter (who LOVES it) I've just done a one-off postnatal realignment session with Rosy - just me and two other ladies. It was wonderful - after an hour and a half I felt like I'd been at a spa for a week. Oh, and Rosy's demonstrations and advice are helping me to manage my back pain so well that I've nearly forgotten about it! Recommend contacting Rozy with your concerns - she's bound to have a solution!
Croydon mum
I went to Rozy's baby yoga classes. My son enjoyed the classes and I enjoyed the chance to get a bit of exercise and meet other mums. Rozy is good at adapting the classes if the babies are interested (or not) in being active. I would recommend to other mums.
I had a very difficult labour. Erin was 16 days late; I was induced for four days and then (as the hormone gel hadn't worked) taken to the labour ward to have my waters broken and be put on oxytocin. The pains came so suddenly and dramatically that I couldn't cope and had to ask for an epidural. Unfortunately this didn't work properly and then the night midwife came on and everything seemed to go wrong. I had the epidural topped up but she forgot to plug in the saline and I dehydrated and went in to a fever and Erin's heart beat went up dangerously. The midwife was obviously afraid and hid away writing up notes while I was fully dilated, even when I asked to push. Finally the situation was saved by a doctor but there were serious after-effects for me.

My husband was not given paternity leave and my family all caught a flu in the same week. I was left in a situation where I was still in a lot of physical pain and also felt trapped and guilty about having a baby. I used to cry alone every day because I was too embarrassed to admit this. There isn't really anything in the NHS to take care of women like me - my health visitor said it only gets classed as post natal depression after 8 weeks, but I didn't want to wait until it became something serious like that. I didn't do any NCT classes as they are very expensive, but luckily one of my friends had some leaflets and I found baby yoga.

This has helped me so much, both in physically recovering and also psychologically. Now I'm a very happy and relaxed mother. I think this should be offered on the NHS to women who need more support and to those who would not have any contact with NCT.
Alison Caulori