Pure InJoy: Anusara-influenced Yoga Classes

Strong yoga, deep relaxation, aligned with bliss, peace and joy for life

The class caters for all levels and is always a perfect mix of invigorating exercise and gentle toning.

I always feel fantastic afterwards, both physically and spiritually.

I would recommend this class to anyone!

InJoy! yoga is all about aligning with that which feels good and consciously taking part in the experiences of your life, becoming a co creator rather than an 'endurer' of what is. Classes Mondays 12.30 or 19.30 @ St Augustine's.

What's involved?

Anusara Yoga means to 'flow with grace' and the focus of this style is on good physical alignment in order to 'align with the Divine'. It is a strong physical practise with the spiritual aspects of tantric yoga philosophy woven into both the theme and physical postures of each class. Expect to feel exhilarated and re-connected after each class, remembering that life does have both purpose and meaning and we are all each unique expressions of that which created us. Anusara is also very focused on building a community spirit as we are all aspects of the same creative force, so our classes are welcoming to newcomers and lively too.

These classes build from foundation to full expression of each asana (yoga posture), so everyone works to their own ability in a friendly and non-competitive environment. As this class is very dynamic, if you are new to yoga or are looking for a more gentle yoga class please have a look at our Beginners Courses and Gentle Yoga classes. We do not recommend this dynamic class to those who are less than 6 months post partum, or those who do not have a reasonable level of fitness as the yoga is strong and physically demanding and will get your heart pulsing! This is a level 2 class.

InJoy! teachers all have a special interest in therapeutics so people with sore backs, hips, knees, shoulders, sciatica and other ailments can come and learn how to ease discomfort and develop habits that will increase their wellbeing, fitness and overall health.

All InJoy! classes incorporate asana (physical) practise with pranayama (breathing exercises), nada (sound) yoga, meditation and relaxation whilst engaging in community and developing courage in manifesting your dreams!

This is non denominational yoga for men, women and teenagers offering a PERFECT BALANCE for fitness fanatics and valuable ME TIME for Mums!

STRONG YOGA AND DEEP RELAXATION which is aligned with bliss, peace and joy for life.

This is also a perfect class for postnatal recovery once you are ready to leave your baby with a loving adult - at least 6 months post partum (or after 4 months if you have taken the postnatal realignment workshop)

  • Develop core strength and improve flexibility
  • Learn yoga breathing techniques, meditation and relaxation that will increase your vitality and improve your sense of well being
  • Tone your body, embrace your emotions, calm your mind and heal your spirit!
  • Improve your posture and align with Bliss, Joy and Peace
  • Ease tight muscles, mobilise stiff joints, go with your flow! 
  • Improve strength, flexibility and stamina 
  • RELAX, unwind and discover the stillness within you
  • Increase energy levels and passion for life 
  • Lower stress and anxiety, ease depression and winter blues 
  • Create your life experience with strong intention and BE PRESENT in NOW!

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I have attended Rozy's yoga class since pregnancy yoga five years ago when pregnant with my first son. The Monday night class caters for all levels and is always a perfect mix of invigorating exercise and gentle toning. I always feel fantastic afterwards, both physically and spiritually! I would recommend this class to anyone!
Natalie Jensen
I have been attending the general yoga class for the last 5 months as some much needed 'me' time following the birth of my son. I thoroughly enjoy the class and I am surprised how much stronger and more supple I am. Following the meditation time at the end I leave the class feeling refreshed and ready to deal with the challenges of the week ahead.
Louise Green