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Breastfeeding + Early Days Support Workshop

A NEW workshop for expectant mums offering practical breastfeeding tips and support for your baby's first few days in this world. read more

Added on 28.02.2017

Post Natal Realignment and Birth Healing workshop

Next Post Natal Realignment and Birth Healing yoga workshop is running in Croydon on 17th April. Suitable for all women who have recently given birth. read more

Added on 29.03.2016

Antenatal/Pregnancy InJoy yoga class in central Croydon at Quaker House

Welcome to information about our Antenatal/Pregnancy InJoy yoga class in central Croydon at Quaker House, CR0 1JE. read more

Added on 24.02.2016

Being pregnant and feeling sensitive to other people, your own emotions, stress & fear

When pregnant we are much more sensitive to the moods of others and also negativity and stress in public places. How can we protect ourselves? read more

Added on 08.12.2015

InJoy Mummy & baby Nurture Talking Group

Our talking group is for mums and dads of new babies that want a supportive and nurturing confidential space to talk about responsive parenting. read more

Added on 13.01.2014

How our ancestral influences affect our genes and health

I am so very excited that one our our InJoy! clients, Lorna Wall, sent this link to me which is an article in Discover magazine titled 'Grandma's experiences leave a mark on your genes'

It's full of information relating to what we talk about in our InJoy! pregnancy and baby yoga classes, and relays it from a scientific perspective. We are moving into a new paradigm of consciousness... everything is related... and to create long term health and wellbeing we just have to STOP thinking we can just treat symptoms, and instead appreciate a holistic perspective on health and happiness that takes into account our early babyhood, birth, prenatal and ancestral influences. 

So glad that more is being published on this - hoorah!

Added on 26.06.2013

Dreamlit bracelets, how they work with pregnancy and new mums

Sleep problems in pregnancy, new mums and babies? Suffering from insomnia / can't get yourself to stay asleep? Baby waking constantly? Dreamlits help! read more

Added on 18.03.2013

VUP non toxic and ethical products for babies

VUPbaby baby products & toys are non toxic and range from feeding bottles to teethers & ethical wooden and soft toys. Their story of creation shared! read more

Added on 07.01.2013

Birthlight Light On Parenting Conference

The 'Light On Parenting Conference' presented the latest pre and neonatal research, and pioneering work in parenting for a peaceful world. read more

Added on 10.06.2012
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