InJoy Blog: September 2012

Preparing for a Positive Birth

Regarding preparing for a positive birth experience: what you want is coming - give thanks for this as though it is already here. The focused intention with the energy of gratitude is super powerful.

When we open ourselves to co create with the universe, wonderful things can happen.

Remember that the yoga is like our breath that sustains us through the ups and downs. None of us have control over what happens in birth as it is a co creation with the universe and also the will of the soul that comes, and of course, their purpose in this life.

What we can effect is our willingness to surrender to what is, and to trust that whatever will support our soul to grow in the best way at this present time, will happen.

Remember we run Birth Rehearsal Workshops in Croydon.

Love, Rozy

Added on 29.09.2012

Freedom For Birth

Hi all! Kate and I have lots of news to come about Shambala and The Yoga Show but I wanted to put a quick shout out about  this amazing project from One World Birth who have created an amazing DVD which champions human rights for pregnant women and their choices around birth.

The campaign is called Freedom For Birth and I will be hosting a screening at my home on Thursday the 20th Sept. If you are interested in attending or even hosting your own screening then please do either contact me or visit to organise a screening in your living room!

Love and joy!


Added on 10.09.2012

Interview with Swazi on Croydon Radio!

Only yesterday I recorded a radio interview with Swazi Rogers from which will be broadcast live on Monday 3rd Sept!

Swazi has been both an InJoy client and teacher so it was fab having fun with her in the studio and she played lots of Madonna tracks which made me SMILE!

Hope you enjoy listening...

Love Rozy x

Added on 03.09.2012
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