InJoy Blog: June 2013

How our ancestral influences affect our genes and health

I am so very excited that one our our InJoy! clients, Lorna Wall, sent this link to me which is an article in Discover magazine titled 'Grandma's experiences leave a mark on your genes'

It's full of information relating to what we talk about in our InJoy! pregnancy and baby yoga classes, and relays it from a scientific perspective. We are moving into a new paradigm of consciousness... everything is related... and to create long term health and wellbeing we just have to STOP thinking we can just treat symptoms, and instead appreciate a holistic perspective on health and happiness that takes into account our early babyhood, birth, prenatal and ancestral influences. 

So glad that more is being published on this - hoorah!

Added on 26.06.2013

Brilliant new book: Life Is Easy by Mark Attwood

I am sooooo excited to announce Mark Attwood's new book Life Is Easy will be coming out very soon! I introduced Mark Attwood on my vlog 'What every Dad to be needs to know' as probably the most interesting man I have ever had the pleasure to meet.

Mark has done so much with his life already, is a super succesful digital 'intentional marketing' whizz and is probably best known for creating the first online skip hire company Top (now Palhire), which turned over £30 Million.

What is less know about him is that he's an accomplished pilot, poet, journalist, producer, director, theatre company owner and happily married father of five. He is also the founder of Attwood Digital, and through his company helps business owners like me to succeed in intentional (ethical) marketing. 

The book looks set to be packed full of fab content to support us all to muster the inherent belief that life is, indeed, easy, and there is a simple way to conquer all our beliefs and mindsets that propose the opposite. Just wanted to put the word out as it will befinitely be worth a read and I can't wait for my copy!

This reminds me in so many ways of the premise of the InJoy! philosophy... 'change your view of the world, and the world around you changes'.

Thanks Mark!

Added on 07.06.2013
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