To all the InJoy Community: a note from Rozy

Many of you know I have been in Greece the past two weeks so it was a real shock to me, as it was for each of you, to hear of the trouble and unrest that hit our town on Tuesday night. In times like this we are each triggered in different ways by the events but we are each reminded of how fragile our sense of security and safety can be.

We aim through InJoy! always to provide a link to the light within that we each share, well aware that we are each making our own impact with our own thoughts and feelings on the situation that presents itself. Grounding and centering are integral parts of each of our classes, so we are reminded to connect with our breath and our inner sense of security, guidance and divine protection.

It is natural to feel vulnerable and through self awareness we come to accept all that is and reach within for the light and love that sustains all life... in the end, we must remember that fear breeds fear and what we focus on grows. It takes courage in times of adversity to acknowledge the natural human condition to fall apart but choose within this recognition to remember our tools - the power of our breath thoughts and feelings, the strength of our community and to choose to be beacons of light.

What do we do in class to eradicate fear? We breathe, we sigh, we sing, we sound our sounds and we root ourselves. Through our roots we send light down into the earth and out through our hearts so that it may feed others and remind them also of their light. For our babies inside and outside the womb - we sing, we acknowledge our fears and we move through these to trust, reminding ourselves of our own support networks. We focus on this moment NOW and resist the urge to fan the flames of hysteria. We ask within to be reminded of this support. There is also EFT which is a fantastic tool for clearing negative emotions - these will do us no good! Perhaps with trouble literally on our doorstep, we are reminded of how many people live their lives in fear on a daily basis, and how many people choose through their work to be guardians of peace in their many forms. The most effective way of being a peaceful global community is to hold the vibration of peace.

We did our best to provide classes as normal yesterday for those who wanted and needed to come together and be reminded of their own innate power to eminate peace and love and feel the positive energy that a community can create. I wish to thank all the InJoy! team who held things together in my absense - I was very grateful for Skype yesterday!

Life will come to challenge us in many ways - we are always tested to remember that love is more powerful than anything else. Through meditation and intention we not only protect ourselves - we create a forcefield of light that eminates outwards like ripples in the ocean, softening the edges of anger, hatred, fear, blame, judgement and all such projections. Though the media is there to inform us it can also fan our fears, so I hope in this message I can remind you to 'OM' collectively, sing for joy and use every which way you know to focus on creating joy and peace in this moment... this is how things change for the greater good. As I write this I see us all connected, holding hands and surrounding our town, our city, our county, our continent and our world... invoking the power of love, healing light and trust, and choosing to be instruments of peace. We are each spiritual warriors! With love to you all,

Rozy xx

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