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InJoy Mummy & baby Nurture Talking Group

Our talking group is for mums and dads of new babies that want a supportive and nurturing confidential space to talk about responsive parenting. read more

Added on 13.01.2014

Choctastic Festive Wishes from Rozy & the InJoy team!

Beat your chocolate addiction by switching to raw choc and ceremonial cacao...information, recipes, and discount voucher codes from ChocChick and more read more

Added on 15.12.2013

InJoy Yoga has the highest no of supporters for wearethemillion crowdfunder campaign!

 Dear InJoy Community.

A whopping 74 of you took the time to support us with our crowdfunding campaign

Despite 3 different technical errors, we managed to hit our target 24 hrs ahead of the campaign end date and by the end of campaign had raised £2526.....this is £126 OVER our target. And this is all thanks to YOU!

We have a post waiting for Ms Fiona Hollis, who will be focusing on building our profile online and making sure as many people as possible hear about our classes. Our new website should be ready end of January as we incorporate into a CIC (Community Interest Company).


We also heard from Sarah Akwisombe....the wonderful woman who was our campaign manager, that in all the campaigns that have been run through wearethemillion, they have never had a campaign with so many supporters. Thats YOU!!!

And I received this lovely lovely statement from one of our supporters, Megan Braid:

Many congratulations on reaching your target! It's a fantastic company run by the most supportive, inspirational and compassionate teachers. I don't know what I would have done with out the support of injoy when Clara was born.


As ever, I am truly touched when I hear how much our classes have supported each and every one of you, in any one moment of your life. 

Thank you again for your support and encouragement, and if you didnt see my celebratory 'jig' is the link one more time!!!

Added on 14.12.2013

How our ancestral influences affect our genes and health

I am so very excited that one our our InJoy! clients, Lorna Wall, sent this link to me which is an article in Discover magazine titled 'Grandma's experiences leave a mark on your genes'

It's full of information relating to what we talk about in our InJoy! pregnancy and baby yoga classes, and relays it from a scientific perspective. We are moving into a new paradigm of consciousness... everything is related... and to create long term health and wellbeing we just have to STOP thinking we can just treat symptoms, and instead appreciate a holistic perspective on health and happiness that takes into account our early babyhood, birth, prenatal and ancestral influences. 

So glad that more is being published on this - hoorah!

Added on 26.06.2013

Brilliant new book: Life Is Easy by Mark Attwood

I am sooooo excited to announce Mark Attwood's new book Life Is Easy will be coming out very soon! I introduced Mark Attwood on my vlog 'What every Dad to be needs to know' as probably the most interesting man I have ever had the pleasure to meet.

Mark has done so much with his life already, is a super succesful digital 'intentional marketing' whizz and is probably best known for creating the first online skip hire company Top (now Palhire), which turned over £30 Million.

What is less know about him is that he's an accomplished pilot, poet, journalist, producer, director, theatre company owner and happily married father of five. He is also the founder of Attwood Digital, and through his company helps business owners like me to succeed in intentional (ethical) marketing. 

The book looks set to be packed full of fab content to support us all to muster the inherent belief that life is, indeed, easy, and there is a simple way to conquer all our beliefs and mindsets that propose the opposite. Just wanted to put the word out as it will befinitely be worth a read and I can't wait for my copy!

This reminds me in so many ways of the premise of the InJoy! philosophy... 'change your view of the world, and the world around you changes'.

Thanks Mark!

Added on 07.06.2013

What every Dad to be needs to know with Mark Attwood & Rozy Kalliabetsos

I am just so thrilled to have had the opportunity to interview the legendary Mark Attwood, digital marketing genius, founder of and father of 5, about what he wishes every dad to be, should know. Was fortunate to meet Mark at an event at the Barbican London last month, and was super inspired by his talk on digital marketing and how businesses can make the most of online marketing. Mark is a man of many hats, though is perhaps best known for creating the first online skip hire (formerly Top Skips), which made him a cool £30million.

Mark and I got chatting after the event and somehow got into a chat around birth (so unusual for me) - well this man has A LOT to say about birth, birth politics and how birth shapes who we are, particularly, with regard to dads to be and how important it is that they become informed about the system properly, how it works, and how to navigate around it. Here is the fruits of our labour:

Added on 12.05.2013

Helping labour and birth go smoothly and what to do when things don't go to plan

So we know what to do if labour is going well and there are no complications. What can we do if complications arise or if medicalised from the start? read more

Added on 24.04.2013

Dreamlit bracelets, how they work with pregnancy and new mums

Sleep problems in pregnancy, new mums and babies? Suffering from insomnia / can't get yourself to stay asleep? Baby waking constantly? Dreamlits help! read more

Added on 18.03.2013

Rozy's article published in Holistic Therapist Magazine!

Hi all, am super happy to share with you this article, 'Who can we trust' published in the Feb quarterly issue of Holistic Therapist Magazine. Have to say a big thanks to Jan Kool for the lovely photo he took of me and also Jay Firmager for giving me a slot in the mag.  Please share it with anyone you know who's had a baby, is pregnant, is thinking of having a baby or is working with pregnant women. Many thanks! Rozy

Added on 13.02.2013

VUP non toxic and ethical products for babies

VUPbaby baby products & toys are non toxic and range from feeding bottles to teethers & ethical wooden and soft toys. Their story of creation shared! read more

Added on 07.01.2013
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