Our Therapists

Zena Ayres

Counsellor, Nutritional Therapist, Massage Therapist, Auricular Acupuncturist for substance misuse.

I have an honours degree in Health Studies and Nutritional Therapy, a Diploma in Counselling and Indian Head Massage and also a certificate in Auricular Acupuncture.

Over a period of 25 years I have worked with people of all ages and from many different ethnic backgrounds such as terminally ill children, asylum seekers and refugees. I have worked in services for people with mental health problems, drug and alcohol problems, learning difficulties and services for young people. This combined learning has helped me to understand the connection between the mind and body in terms of health and disease or dis-ease. With this diversity of needs I have found that the basic but priceless human needs (apart from shelter, food and clothes) are to feel loved, valued and respected. I have found that by listening and more so hearing what people have to say, without any judgements, and also appreciating and prizing them, has a growth-promoting effect and can help them to function more effectively and to move forward.

It is known that our emotions affect our physical health and vice versa. I believe that for total wellbeing all parts have to be in balance. My aim is to treat the mind, body and spirit; restoring the balance by working in a holistic way to help develop an awareness of the outer and inner worlds and how this affects the way a person feels, thinks and behaves. This holistic approach to nutrition, massage, counselling and auricular acupuncture looks at symptoms in order to determine the underlying cause. It is then the cause of the symptoms that I work to correct, not the symptoms themselves.

Carl Rogers, an eminent person-centred psychologist, in his book 'A Way of Being' said, "I feel enriched when I can truly care for another person and when I can let that feeling flow to that person". I truly resonate with this.

For more information:
email Zena on zena.ayres@virgin.net
telephone Zena: 020 8651 3564 or mobile 07794439620


Paola Bagnall

Hypnotherapist and Inner Power Hypnobirthing specialist

Paola has a degree in Biology and is a qualified teacher, having taught for 35 years, first in a comprehensive school and then in a sixth-from college. She retired from teaching in July 2004 to take up hypnotherapy full time.

She learnt self-hypnosis in order to heal a very painful shoulder injury that the medical profession was unable to help her with. Having discovered the innate ability we all have to heal ourselves if we desire to, by harnessing these inner resources, Paola went on to become a fully qualified Hypnotherapist - helping people to control pain, to heal themselves and to have wonderfully natural childbirths.

Paola has two sons and enjoyed their births immensely. She felt in control at all times. As there seems to be a great deal of negativity surrounding childbirth, Paola decided that with her biology background and the Inner Power we all have she would specialise in helping mothers to enjoy giving birth, making it a positive, magical experience - as it should be.

For more information, email Paola on Paola@InnerPower.co.uk - or telephone for a chat on 020 8660 6022.


Tamara Donn

AAMET-accredited EFT practitioner and childbirth educator

Tamara offers one-to-one treatments and workshops using the amazing technique of EFT to treat fears, trauma, blocks, anxiety, anger, physical pain and so much more.

She is also the founder of the Birth Art CafeTM, trains birth professionals to run Birth Art Cafes as well as running them herself.  The Birth Art Cafe are weekly gatherings to explore the motherhood journey through relaxtion and creativity.


After leaving university with an honours degree, I spent several years in the IT industry. Realising that this was not fulfilling my passion, I retrained as an aromatherapist.

For many years, prior to becoming a mother, I was involved in personal development. Among my teachers were Deepak Chopra (meditation), Chuck Spezzano (Psychology of Vision) and Brandon Bays (The Journey). I spent time traveling and visited sacred centres in Peru and Egypt.

In 2000 I gave birth to my daughter and passed through the life-changing rite of passage into motherhood. This was the start of my true inner learning and gave rise to a strong passion to mentor other women through their rite of passage into motherhood. I started by offering support to women wanting a home birth for my local NCT group. Since then, I have taken courses with Sheila Kitzinger on Birth Crisis, Doula training with Ruth Tamir, Foundation course in The Gentle Birth Method with Dr Gowri Motha and have completed training Levels 1 and 2 with Pam England as a Birthing From Within Mentor and trained with Niravi Payne on the Whole Person Fertility Program.

My desire is to re-awaken women's inner wisdom and to empower them to truly trust themselves, listen to their hearts and to honour their life's journey however it unfolds.


2004: ARM (the Association of Radical Midwives) Midwife Study Day.
2005: Hemel Birth Centre, Alexandra Birthing Centre at Watford General Hospital and Edgware Birth Centre.
2006: Birthlight Conference.
2007: 13th International Congress of APPPAH (Association for Pre & Perinatal Psychology & Health).
2008: Womb To World Conference at Imperial College, London.
2008: Hertfordshire University for student midwives.
2009: Oxford Brookes University for student midwives.

Lisa Jackson

Clinical Hypnotherapist and HypnoBirthing Teacher

Lisa, the founder of Quiet Medicine Clinical Hypnotherapy, is based in Croydon. Lisa spent eleven years as a health and fitness journalist before qualifying as a clinical hypnotherapist and has also undertaken doula training with the world-renowned natural-birth pioneer Michel Odent who introduced the concept of birthing pools in maternity hospitals.

She is a volunteer for the charity Birth Companions, which provides women in detention with support before, during and after the birth of their babies. Lisa believes passionately in the benefits of using HypnoBirthing during any type of birth (whether it's at home, in a birth centre or hospital) and the majority of the parents she's taught have either required no pain relief during birth, or simply some gas and air.

To book a HypnoBirthing class (small classes of up to three couples are held in an informal home setting, mostly on weeknights at 7.30pm), email quiet.medicine@gmail.com, visit www.quiet-medicine.co.uk or call 020 8655 2161.

Lisa also has a special interest in weight management (she's the author of 'Adore Yourself Slim' published by Simon & Schuster), sports performance and fitness motivation (she is the co-author of the best-selling book 'Running Made Easy'), and smoking cessation.

Jennifer Neville

Business / Personal Coach

Jennifer is a professional coach, specialising in helping you to embrace change and develop a more positive relationship with your work or business, leading to a greater sense of harmony between work and play. You'll discover more energy and enjoyment in everything you do.

Qualified in both Personal and Business coaching with the UK's largest school for coaches (the Coaching Academy), in designing the right coaching solution for you she draws on her other qualifications and experience in NLP and Iyengar yoga as well as experience gained from life and a successful 15 year long career in the City.

She will teach you the tips and techniques to help you refocus, energise and renew your passion in your life. Become a better manager, a better spouse, a better parent – a better whatever it is that you want to be.

To find out more, contact Jennifer on 07958 005593 or email her at jen@jenniferneville.co.uk

Pauline Sarit

Pauline is British, currently living in the Athens area in Greece, and was introduced to EFT while facing her own difficulties which changed her life.

She focuses on transforming people's lives using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), focusing on eliminating fears, limiting beliefs and blocks, aiming on fast results for unresolved emotional issues and physical symptoms.

Pauline combines the use of EFT with the Law of Attraction allowing abundance to flow into people's lives in areas of health, wealth and happiness. She loves to work with the Law of Attraction and believes that EFT is the missing ingredient of the movie 'The Secret'.

Pauline practices powerful visualization techniques including meditation, affirmations, and Reiki. Her services include:

  • Personal one-to-one sessions locally or reaching her international clients by phone or Skype.
  • Group workshops with introduction to EFT and group tapping with the advantage of borrowing benefits.

Pauline also practises Quantum Touch, a method of natural healing that works with the life force energy of the body to promote optimal wellness.

Pauline also creates Healing Paintings: art with the high vibrational energy needed to promote healing, balance and well-being. To view these unique paintings please go to http://www.live-your-joy.com/healing_paintings

More information: http://www.live-your-joy.com

Contact Pauline: liveyourjoy@ymail.com

Manolee Shankar

Sex and Relationship Therapist

Manolee has a P.G. Diploma in Sex and Relationship Therapy from the world-renowned Porterbrook clinic in Sheffield.

Manolee has commented on Sofeminie.com, BBC Three Counties Radio, and The Nine O’clock Show. She is an active member of two professional bodies in the UK and is currently helping to organise one of the world's biggest conferences on sex and relationships: The 20th Congress for Sexual Health, which will take place in Glasgow in 2011.

Renée Stotz

Womb Wellness Coach, Intuitive Sound Healer

Renée's passion and experience lies firmly in helping women (and men) begin to heal any states of dis-ease - be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual - particularly those related to the reproductive system or linked to an imbalance between the masculine and feminine energies existing within us all. She is a conscious, empathetic and nurturing healer with over 20 years experience working with and supporting others on their journeys to being the best they can be.

Described as both indispensable and supportive, Renée uses her personal experiences, intuition and innate talent as an Intuitive Sound Healer and EFT Practitioner to help others reconnect with their inner widsom, thereby allowing them to begin their own personal healing journey of self-discovery and to regain and maintain a state of vibrant health and wellness.

Renée specialises in:

Helping women 

  • with PMS, menopause, PCOS, hysterectomy, fibroids, fertility issues, sexual/intimacy issues – in fact, virtually anything a woman has to deal with in relation to her reproductive system or womb – uterus, vagina, clitoris, ovaries, fallopian tubes & even breasts!  
  • reconnect with the inner wisdom of their wombs, allowing them to find a balance between the feminine & masculine energies
  • heal present & past life traumas, allowing them to live fully in the present & being consciously open to the future
  • harness the wisdom of their wombs to create & nurture their dreams & ideas, as well as physical life
  • find a life of health & wellness on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual/energetic levels of being  

Helping men

  • heal present & past life traumas, including traumas during their time in their mother’s womb  
  • find a healthy balance between their masculine & feminine energies
  • harness the power of their creative seat, the 'hara' or sacral chakra to create & nurture their dreams & ideas, as well as physical life
  • find a life of health & wellness on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual/energetic levels of being

The main healing modalities Renée uses in her healing practise are:

  • BAST Sound Healing using Himalayan & Crystal Singing Bowls, holistic voicework & simple percussion
  • Mantra Therapy ~ using sacred Sanskrit mantras & other sacred prayers therapeutically (1:1) & for raising group consciousness
  • Drum Therapy ~ therapeutic (1:1) drumming; community building in groups
  • EFT ~ Emotional Freedom Techniques to help individuals & groups release energetic disturbances linked to emotional and physical traumas


Emily Hodgson

Core Process Psychotherapy

Emily practices Core Process Psychotherapy, an innovative psycho-spiritual approach to psychotherapy developed by the Karuna Institute, one of the oldest centres in the western world to teach mindfulness practices as professional healing skills.

When working with clients, Emily has a deep appreciation for the value of mindfulness in creating a safe therapeutic relationship and facilitating healing.

Intentions of Core Process work are:

  • to deepen into a state of presence and to bring this state of awareness into relationship
  • to feel more resourced, whole and protected, both within oneself and with others

With seven years' training including three years' experience in private practice as a UK Council for Psychotherapy trainee therapist, Emily is currently offering low-cost psychotherapy as she completes a master's degree in Core Process Psychotherapy.

Emily's career began in science, with a PhD in evolutionary biology, then she entered the business world and worked for a management consultancy for over ten years, during which time her interest in Buddhism and her personal journey of healing and spiritual development inspired her to train as a therapist. Emily has a special interest in working with women suffering from eating disorders and problems with food and body image.

Email: info@emilyhodgson.co.uk
Telephone: 07541 193 399