Rosanna and the Team

Rosanna Kalliabetsos

Rosanna is a yoga teacher, birth educator and mother who specialises in all aspects of perinatal yoga. She teaches Birthlight yoga for conception and pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period, and works with couples to prepare them for pregnancy, birth and parenthood. She also teaches yoga for babies and Anusara Inspired hatha classes.

Rosanna is a Tutor for Birthlight (2009), training yoga teachers, midwives, doulas and other health professionals in yoga for the perinatal period. She is also registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council, and is Co Chair of the Croydon University Hospital MSLC (Maternity Services Liason Committee).

Her background is in vibrational medicine (Reiki Master, 2005) and education and environmental studies (BA Hons, 1999). Her passion is in sharing the healing power of the sacred feminine and bridging the gap between spirit and matter.

Rosannna's specialist interests are in conscious living and birthing, letting go of fear on a cellular level and living in joy!

Anita Peach

Anita has enjoyed the benefits of yoga for more than ten years.

After six years working as a journalist and editor in the magazine publishing industry, the strain started taking its toll on her health, and she turned to alternative therapies for help.

It was here that her yoga practice really came to the fore. Feeling the healing process through yoga, she became inspired to bring its benefits to other people. So, relinquishing the corporate career ladder, she went to Madurai, India and trained as a yoga teacher with the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Academy. She has also completed the Teaching Yoga to Children certification with Jo Manuel, the UK’s leading practitioner and teacher trainer in yoga therapy for children.

Anita aims to help children - and adults alike - to receive the significant benefits of yoga and reach their fullest potential.

Veronica Moulder

 Yoga has always been part of my life. My first contact with yoga was as a teenager when I attended classes with my mother. Now I am a mother myself and keen for my children to learn how great yoga is for you. I had worked in the City of London for 13 years when I decided that I needed a change and began retraining as a yoga teacher. In 2006 I studied in India for a month at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Ashram in Kerala and in 2008 I completed the British Wheel of Yoga Teaching Diploma.

I completed the Sitaram Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training in 2011 and I now teach Pregnancy Yoga and Beginners Yoga classes for InJoy Yoga and I love every minute of it! 


Melissa de Graaff

My name is Melissa, I am the founder and Director of Hana Baby Wrap. It began early 2009. My then 3 week old baby girl was not feeling well, and she wanted to be carried every single minute of the day, for almost a week. For the first time I felt quite stressed, being a new mum. Hannah was asking for so much attention that I could not do anything, barely even make myself something to eat...

I tried to carry her a couple of times in a regular carrier we had at home, but it didn't feel secure (Hannah's head was jostling from left to right) nor very comfortable. I then bought myself a wrap carrier. I instantly got hooked, having her with me in the carrier for hours every day. Apart from the emotional security it offered to both of us, it allowed me to get on with daily life, while she was cosy and contented or asleep in the wrap.

But then the weather got warmer and the warmer it got, the less I could carry her in the wrap. I made a thin wrap myself, just so that I could continue wearing her. It wasn't very elegant, and it wasn't the greatest fabric. I then started thinking of what fabric would be ideal for a wrap carrier, not just cool and comfortable to wear, but also good for baby and planet. The end product is Hana Baby Wrap. It is made of bamboo fabric with added organic cotton. Bamboo is one of the most sustainable and hypoallergenic fabrics around.

Richard Evans

Richard was raised on a farm in Pembrokeshire. He joined the RAF and became a pilot. After 8 years with the RAF he joined British Airways as a pilot for 26 years, followed by 7 years with Singapore Airlines, based in Singapore. He retired to Greece and lived a very logical and rational existence.

His late wife's interest in healing and alternative therapies lead Richard to visit Brazil where, at a healing Sanctuary, he saw and experienced things that were beyond his normal frame of reference.

Richard became interested in the alternative therapy field a few years ago and is now dedicated to learning more about the quantum world that science ignores. His passion is for working with crystals and subtle energy and helping to create positive energy fields. He has a talent for channelling information from non-physical, loving sources, and energetic healing.

Jackie Menon

In the ten years since qualifying as a yoga teacher in the Iyengar tradition with Ruth White, I have continued to deepen and broaden my knowledge of yoga, assimilating a diverse array of yoga teachings, traditions and styles. I have studied with many prominent teachers such as Godfrey Devereaux, Lino Miele, Paul Grilley and Gary Carter and feel I have taken something from all of them in finding my own teaching path. Today my teaching style is an eclectic mix of all these influences. It bears the hallmarks of an Iyengar foundation, rooted in the principals of correct postural alignment but with an element of creativity. Held postures are regularly incorporated with flowing sequences, longer restorative stretches and simple pranayama. Breath awareness is reinforced to facilitate a connection to the still inner core that is within us all. I also favour guided relaxation to balance a hard working asana practice.


I hold a Karuna Yoga teaching certification, a diploma in anatomy and physiology and a diploma with Birthlight to specialize in teaching perinatal yoga. I have recently completed training as a yoga therapist in mental health and now run specialist courses in the treatment of stress, anxiety and depression.

Claire Saunders

In 1999, chance took me to a sivananda yoga class and I have been on my yoga path ever since. Delighted at the prospect of a form of exercise that involved so much lying down, I began a regular practice and in time practiced a huge variety of styles of yoga, including astanga vinyasa, vinyasa flow, Yin and Yang yoga, and other forms of hatha yoga. I discovered the beauty in moving the body with the breath and doing a bit less lying down! I completed my Yoga Academy teacher training with Simon Low in 2006, shortly after the birth of my first daughter.

Practicing yoga (and studying for my teacher training) throughout my pregnancy gave me a stronger body in which to carry my child and a vehicle for managing the emotional swings which attend pregnancy. I believe in the power of the breath and this took me through her labour and birth in my own home. I studied with Francoise Freedman at Birthlight, and completed my Perinatal Yoga Diploma in 2008, and used all the great stuff I learned during my second pregnancy and beautiful home birth. The breathing techniques are simple yet powerful and are a great support in pregnancy, birth and postnatally. I believe if every pregnant woman came to yoga, the fear of birthing would be vastly reduced in the West.

My studies continued in 2010 with Teaching Yoga to Children with Jo Manuel at the Special Yoga Centre - centre of excellence in the UK - and I love teaching yoga to children.

My personal practice is hugely influenced by Anusara yoga, and this comes through in all my teaching. I like to teach classes that are fun and playful, yet at the core is a recognition that we are all undertaking a quest for our inner self. When we gain balance on our mats, it reflects in our lives, whether we are a child, pregnant, or simply looking for a bit of 'me time' in our busy life.

I am so grateful to all my teachers for sharing their skills and knowledge and valuable time with me.

Gina Hardy

As a relationship educator I will help you understand that conflict and problems in your intimate relationships are only healing and growth trying to happen within you. To love is human nature but, like day and night, good and bad are natural cycles of any relationship. I help you understand the deeper and often unconscious aspects of what drives you to do and say the things you do in your intimate relationship; those things that create conflict and keep you chained to repeat patterns. I will educate you in the art of how to have a fully conscious partnership based on allowing in truth and authenticity and how to own your part in what you are creating together.

I am not a counsellor or psychologist but was an expert at falling in love and getting hurt. I have a 25 year portfolio of experience in love relationships, which I often fondly reflect on and am now the proud owner of. A few years ago I had a life changing moment in my love life which stopped me from continuing on the self destruct path I was on. I had been down the counselling and psychology routes but felt that therapy just didn't hit the right spot for me. I had no real self awareness of what I was doing to create my relationship reality until I stumbled across relationship education via a dear friend. I now have the relationship I have always wanted and I want to share with you how I reached this place and show you how to stop repeating the same things I did.

Please get in touch if you would like to find out how to stop years more heartache and have a real desire and the courage to look at yourself and change what needs to be changed.

My vision is to help create 'laboratories of healing' for couples and soon to be couples, so  future generations will know the true meaning of happiness in authentic love.

For more information or to contact Gina, call 07771 977 090


Tania Plahay

I consider myself to be a kind, compassionate and caring teacher, who will both nurture you (and your growing baby), and challenge you to realise your true potential. I am half Indian and was always interested in eastern mysticism and traditional knowledge which drew me to yoga whilst I was studying for my degree. My practice helped me through good and bad times, including the death of my father in my early 20s. Despite what's been going on in my life, yoga has helped me find a constant companion, guide and mentor. Yoga has enabled me to better understand myself, and the way I relate to the world around me. My yoga journey has been truly magical and I consider it a blessing to now have the opportunity to share my knowledge and bring this wonderful practice to others.

I teach a style of yoga which combines leanings from traditional ha-tha yoga including breath work and mediation, with a more graceful and flowing vinyasa style. I am qualified with the International Yoga Alliance and Birthlight. As well as teaching with InJoy I teach community classes in and around London Bridge, and work part time at the Department of Environment. My day job enables me to understand the stresses and strains of an everyday working environment - I have a lot of tricks for tight shoulders!

Pregnancy provides a real opportunity for women to truly inhabit their bodies, and bring the benefits of this powerful practice to both themselves and their growing babies.