Yoga Testimonials

General Yoga

This testimony is to express my true appreciation of Rozy's inexhaustible fountain of good energy, shared unconditionally. Rozy's classes bring out the best in people, non-dependent of their level of yoga experience, because they stem from belief in the ultimate goodness equally present within every one of us. The sense of community and friendship felt by those attending the Monday evening classes is very empowering. It's great to be reminded that we are 'designed to shine' and to love ourselves and one another.
Alla Melnychuk

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Pregnancy / Antenatal Yoga

This is a brilliant class taught by an excellent instructor. I highly recommend it.

I attended Claire's classes at the end of my second pregnancy. I found the classes to be really beneficial to coping with all the aches and pains in pregnancy and I loved being able to have time each week for myself and time to bond with my baby. I was particularly impressed with the way Claire tailors each session to meet the needs of the individuals in the group. I have had SPD in this pregnancy and have found that she has gone out of her way to research alternative exercises that are not just 'fillers' but help me to manage the condition within my pregnancy. She also is excellent at explaining the benefits of the different postures, movements, and breathing techniques, for the purposes of coping with labour.

I come away from each session feeling less achy, stronger and totally relaxed.
Helen Malcolmson

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Fertility & Healthy Conception Workshop

I found Rozy when training as a yoga teacher and took general classes for about a year. During this time my husband and I had been told that we would be unable to conceive and were in the process of adopting children.

When I told Rozy about our desire to have a family she mentioned that she was starting a conscious conception class. It took me a few attempts to get into attending regularly, as I wasn't sure what to expect and it was an intense process of letting go for me. Once I did attend regularly and gave in to what we were doing I actually visualised my baby during a relaxation exercise and immediately realised that this was real and could happen for us.

The following month I phoned Rozy after the most painful period I could recall for years and she told me it was my body letting go of the pain I had been holding on to. I found out weeks later that I was pregnant and continued with the conception class during early pregnancy to manage my fears of it not 'taking.' I moved onto the pregnancy class at around 16 weeks and continued until 39 weeks of pregnancy. The movements were very helpful and the relaxation was especially useful during the later stages when it became difficult to get comfortable.

My husband and I also did the birth preparation workshop which was great and helped him to feel involved and have a sense of what to do during the labour to support me and to keep himself calm. Even when the birth didn't go to plan I recalled advice that Rosy had given us on how to deal with things changing. It enabled us to maintain as sense of control in a tense and emotional situation, and helped us bond with our baby on our own terms.
Swazi Rodgers

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Birth Preparation Workshop

This is Matt writing on behalf of Marcela and I who are now proud parents to 4 day old Louis Otto Cartwright.

I wanted to thank you from our hearts for the support you gave Marcela through the yoga classes and (I never thought I would say this) but the two yoga classes I attended as a father to be were the best thing I / we could have done. Not only did I suddenly have an understanding of the whole 'labour dynamic' and was therefore able to support Marcela through labour, but we also had a lot of fun making funny noises together and wiggling through the contractions.

Marcela's waters broke on Sunday morning at 4am, and through using what we learnt we stayed at home until 3.30pm (I even got to see Spurs thrash Liverpool on the TV so if nothing more it works for the boys too!) Marcela then delivered in St Helier's Birthing Centre with a little help at 8.30pm.

Louis continues to do well and Marcela is amazing, we hope to see you soon at the baby yoga classes and wondered when and where are they held?
Matt Cartwright

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Postnatal / Mother & Baby Yoga

Mummy and Baby yoga has been a wonderful and supportive environment, which has allowed me to really bond with my baby while at the same time getting to know both myself as a mother and my baby girl on a whole new level.  In addition, I'm able to learn from other peoples experiences, as well as share ideas, and problem solve with other new mums.
Croydon mum

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