Our aim at InJoy! is to:

  • Provide good quality yoga opportunities as students and teachers for people of all ages and needs within local communities;
  • Present accurate and up to date information for holistic health awareness and link with therapists who share our vision, through our website;
  • Create income opportunities through communities that allow people to live their dreams, and behave ethically and consciously towards ourselves, each other, animals and our environment;
  • Educate anyone and everyone about the consciousness of babies pre birth and in the early years of life;
  • Offer free tools for those wishing to move from a mindset of surviving to a mindset of thriving, recognising that our thoughts and feelings shape our experience of reality, and thoughts can be changed;
  • Promote personal responsibility for health and healing so that each of us can move past our traumas and pain and embrace the gift that life truly is.