InJoy! Mission Statement:

InJoy promotes living consciously and in harmony with the planet by providing information and education primarily through specialist yoga.  Our intention is to support joyful living, loving conceptions, loving pregnancies, loving births and loving parenthoods.

InJoy shares the knowledge, experience and expertise to support this mission through the creation of a collective community consciousness. Within this community many specialists in their field share their wisdom, both in classes, and online.

Further, InJoy has the intention to expand the knowledge, experience and expertise to incorporate all relevant new ideas, products, techniques and medical advances in matching depth.

The Mission of InJoy is to assist parents in bringing into the world babies who will be loving, happy, beautiful and eager for life.

It is also to assist all those seeking to live a more joyful, conscious and peaceful life with tools to make it so, through self development, yoga, and an accepting online and physical community of like minded and hearted beings.