I dedicate this website to all my teachers, and all my students (who are also my teachers!).

To everyone who surfs these pages... thankyou for being open! Each of us is part of something much bigger than we can imagine and together we can rise above everything in this world that we know is not love.

In memory of my mother, the late Mary Evans, who gave me the courage and motivation to follow my dreams. The reiki that flows through me came from her, as with most things!

I do not claim that anything on this site is mine in its originality. For everything I 'know', I learned it from somewhere, and though I may have adapted and changed it, still, it belongs to the universe that we all inhabit. All best intentions have been made to site properly material that has been contributed by others. Apologies to anyone who feels they have been missed out... it's never intentional!

Finally there's one very special person who is my shining light - Scarlet. Thankyou for choosing me as your Mummy. You have been my greatest teacher and I am blessed for everything you have taught me... sweetheart, you were designed to shine! x

Contributor: Rosanna Kalliabetsos