I would like to thank my Dad Yiorgos for his adventurous spirit that runs through my veins and my 'bonus Dad', Richard Evans who in many ways is my physical and spiritual backbone. Thankyou for your patience and willingness to help, always!

With deepest respect I acknowledge my first yoga teacher Ruth Cartwright who laid my foundation in yoga on very solid ground. From here I sprang into the arms Dr. Francoise Freedman who has literally given me wings! Thankyou for seeing in me what was a tiny light, that now has come to burn so bright! Birthlight has healed me and helped me to help others to complete their own healing and without it, InJoy! simply wouldn't be. Thankyou to all the other Birthlight teachers who have been part of my growth, as tutors and colleagues on our journey together.

And all my Anusara tribe! I am so happy that you found me! Lisa San Filippo, you invited me in and showed me how yoga could truly shimmer and shine! With a big heart hug I thank you for introducing me to Anusara yoga and all the inspirational teachers I have been blessed to experience - Ross Rayburn, BJ Galvan, Mary Bruce, Zenja La Rossa, Bridgette Woods Kramer, Jayandra, Sue Elgin and of course, John Friend. South Croydon has benefited immensely from the shakti injection I've received!

A special thanks must go to my 'tekkie crew' - to Kim Fyson for all his involvement in my original vision and his friendship as I've grown, Peter Fisher for his technological whiz ness and his Dad Matthew who makes the impossible possible, Aundrieux for his 'spiritual designwork' and new branding vision, and Lucy and Clair for their InJoy marketing and publicity willingness and expertise - you girls ROCK!

I have to thank another Dad - Patrick Howser founder of Fathers to Be - your willingness to help me patiently create in physical what swirls around my feelings and thoughts, and the open sharing of your previous experience in the field are both hugely appreciated.

Jan, thankyou for being my 'righthand man' in everyway- for holding the fort when I'm dashing around the world, for being my photographer, business advisor, confidant and friend... you are always here for me.

Dom, Melina and Tracy: last but by no means least - thankyou for holding me up and listening endlessly to my constant celestial downloads. Melina your original logo design was so beautifully chanelled and will always be part of InJoy! You have each kept me sane x x x x

Contributor: Rosanna Kalliabetsos